About Us

Financially Educating People in India. One Person At a Time.

In 2017, a group of friends spent their free hours in college discussing about trading in the stock market. Unfortunately, they did not have enough capital. So they decided to take help from their friends. They were able to raise around Rs 22,500. Within 6 months, the collected sum was doubled. The boys started getting popular and started receiving more funds from family and friends.

On 18th December 2019, Optionables Fintech LLP was registered and incorporated officially.

The term ‘Options’ means valuation of underlying financial assets and ‘ables’ is the ability to trade in the market with accuracy.

We are currently focused on building financial models and increasing financial literacy among people.

We have expanded over time and our services include algo trading, option trading course, mentorship programs and educational workshops.

We have almost 100k followers from our social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Spotify. Using these platforms, we aim to reach more people and educate them about the financial markets and help them elevate their financial journey.

With time, our asset under management has grown to Rs 4.1 crore and continues to grow.

Meet the team


Saketh Ramakrishna

Co-Founder and CIO

Saketh handles investment and risk management. He is a passionate investor and a trader who specializes in modelling sophisticated strategies. He loves playing chess and table tennis.

Sujith S Nadig

Co-Founder and COO

Sujith handles operations and client management. He has the thirst to learn new things from people and is often seen interacting with many. He appreciates a good game of badminton. He loves travelling and going for long bike rides.

Sumukh S S

Client operations

Sumukh handles our client accounts and is always enthusiastic to bring in new initiatives. An avid reader who has good knowledge in various fields. Ice cream is his weakness and he will never say no to one.

Srivatsa S Rao

Marketing & Human Resource

Srivatsa is the creative brain behind our digital marketing. His strategies help us boost our digital presence. His innovative ideas make us stand out. He is a sports enthusiast. He loves classic rock, coffee and long drives.

Vandana Subramanian

Content Writer

Our blogs section is filled with informative articles by Vandana. Her passion to write and thirst to learn new things drives her to deliver a different perspective to the team. She is a travel enthusiast and loves to try diverse cuisines.