10 most Successful Young Entrepreneurs

March 16, 2022 by Vandana S · 6 min read


In the age of self-employment and being one’s own boss, the number of entrepreneurs globally are increasing. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs are 40 plus in age. These days, many entrepreneurs start early and create brands, products, and services that have created value and have created an impact on the customers’ lives. 

Many youngsters are finding their job monotonous and venturing out to create a brand that they believe in and can contribute to society. They believe in leaving a mark in society and creating value-added services. These youngsters are having the yearning to learn and shape their future better than the previous generation. 

Every generation has an entrepreneur who has changed how the customers look at the product or service. From Jamshedji Tata creating the Tata brand in 1868 to Nithin Kamath creating a storm in the finance sector by launching Zerodha – A platform that provides brokerage at affordable prices in 2018. 

The common skills of all these entrepreneurs are the will to never give up, create a brand that is remembered, have the thirst to reach beyond, hard and smart working, and have a vision which to reach beyond. 

Here is a list of entrepreneurs who started big at a young age and have created a base that provides employment and services to many.

Farrhad Acidalla (Founder of Rockstah Media and Cybernetiv Digital)

At the young age of 13, when most of the students are pressured to perform and score good grades, Acidalla had the dream of starting his own company. Not aware of coding and creating a website, he began his first steps towards entrepreneurship. He was interested in Aero Modelling and wanted to create a platform for like-minded people. 

He wanted to create model airplanes and study them. Since he was not aware of creating a website, it didn’t stop him from flying high. He invested 1500 INR in learning about website development and did basic HTML coding to create a website for Aeromodelling. He sold the community at 12,000 INR. 

He began Rockstah Media, an agency in Mumbai which handles website development, digital marketing, branding, and so on. Being young has its advantages and being called to CNN at the young age of 17 is indeed inspirational. 

Rohit Kashyap (Founder of Maytree School of Entrepreneurship)

A bright young lad of 18 from Bihar district, was deprived of many resources at a young age. Despite this, he won accolades in Olympiads, ranking 1000 in the prestigious ICAI Commerce Wizard Community. 

When he wanted to teach his fellow mates about this knowledge, his phone didn’t stop ringing as many wanted to imbibe his skill set. At the young age of 14, he started the Maytree School of Entrepreneurship. A school that focuses on providing opportunities to young minds for innovation, creativity, and brainstorming of ideas for starting one’s organization. Apart from his school. Rohit is a Quora influencer citing quotes and spreading knowledge to many based on his experiences. 

Varun Agarwal (Founder of Alma Mater, Reticular and Mento)

At the mere age of 20, Varun a dropout of engineering college, started his company Alma Mater, an online store merchandise selling school and college products. It is a customized online Do It Yourself T-shirt maker. In 2010. He started a social media marketing company Reticular, along with Last Minute Films a production house for online video content.

He also launched Mento an online e-learning platform for creative courses, the first very first Indian Ed-tech platform. He has inspired many through his writing ability in his first book- “How I braved Anu Aunty and started a million-dollar company” citing his journey as an entrepreneur. That’s not all, he is a motivational speaker empowering students, employees, and young adults.

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of OYO)

From the young age of 13, Ritesh is a marketing genius, selling sim cards and making ends meet. He dropped out of college and was selected for Thiel Fellowship (Students aged below 23 offer 100,000 USD for 2 years for dropouts for creating startups, or social movement or scientific discovery). With this money, he started a budget accommodation portal for booking hotel rooms at a lesser cost. 

In 2013 OYO was launched. Ritesh became a millionaire when he was 23 years old. Within 5 years, the company raised 1 billion USD. Ritesh is the second youngest self-made Billionaire in the globe. His words of inspiration stating experience is not the key to being a successful entrepreneur, but learning from mistakes makes one truly a good entrepreneur.

Shreelakshmi Suresh (Founder of eDesign and Tinylogo)

A young and enthusiastic girl from Kerala started using computers at the age of 3 and designed a website at the age of 6. Having discovered the youngster’s talent, her school allowed her to design their website. She was given the prestigious award of “The National Child Award” for exceptional achievement in the year 2008. Not only is she an award recipient of one, but many international awards recipients as well. 

She is India’s youngest web developer and CEO. eDesign is a one-stop for designing, website curation, logo designing, SEO management, and website management. 

Aman Gupta (Co-Founder of Boat)

Having created a buzz in the first season of Shark Tank India, Aman became a household name. Boat is one of the leading companies specializing in the headphone, stereo, portable charger, and heavy-duty cable industry which has gained 27.3% market share. Aman is a CA, CPA and a MBA. 

In 2020, BoAt touched 500 crores of revenue, and the company inching towards listing in IPO. 

Varun Mayya ( CEO of Avalon labs)

The young entrepreneur started his company with a group of friends while studying in college. They started selling T-shirts under the business banner SIZR. Once college ended, he shifted to the USA to pursue his career in corporate. He quit the work as he found it very monotonous. He built Jobspire, a platform for recruitment. He was the youngest person to raise a capital of 1.7 crores from venture capitalists.

He started Avalon Labs, a tech start-up in 2017. From the young age of 11, he started coding and built a company that provides quality service to their clients. 

Trishneet Arora (Founder of TAC Security)

The young entrepreneur is the founder of TAC Security and a young author of the book “The Hacking Era”. He believes in providing ethical solutions to the customers and protecting yourself from hacking and smart cyber-attacks. He has drafted many manuals to ensure the privacy and security of the customers are maintained. 

His company provides security to corporates against cyber-attacks. A few of his clients are CBI, Gujarat Police, Amul, Reliance Industries, and Punjab Police. 

Divya Gandtra Tandon ( Founder of Scoop Beats)

A young entrepreneur who has more than 8 brands in her kitty. She is a celebrity manager, a young influencer, and Founder of Scoop Beats. She has collaborated with more than 500 individuals and has created a brand for herself. 

She is known as the Tech Girl on YouTube and has created a storm in the tech industry with her quirky content. She started using a low-quality camera to shoot her videos and today she is one of the top YouTube influencers. 

Suumit Shah ( Founder of Dukaan App)

This young entrepreneur started Dukaan App which helps other vendors to set up their stores. Suumit believes in helping entrepreneurs to grow their business revenue, and become their unique brand. Setting up GST, customization of themes, payment gateway set up, and everything that can help the company boost. 

Having raised funds from multiple rounds, the company is one of the most promising start-ups of India.