Entrepreneurs who started young and made it big

December 15, 2021 by Vandana S · 3 min read


In the age of self-employment and being one’s own boss, the number of entrepreneurs globally are increasing. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs are 40 plus in age. These days, many entrepreneurs start early and create brands, products, and services that have created value and impact in the customer’s lives. Here is a list of entrepreneurs who started big at a young age and have created a base that provides employment and services to many.

1. Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)

Facebook was launched when Mark was 19 years old. Coding in the dormitory of his college, Facebook is used globally by 200 million small businesses, 65% of individuals aged below 35 use Facebook, and 2.6 billion monthly active users globally. Mark is the youngest centibillionaire (People whose wealth exceeds 100 billion dollars) with 105 billion USD and ranks 5th in the world’s richest individuals. His journey as an entrepreneur has inspired many coders to provide services like Facebook- A game-changer.

2. Mathew Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress)

WordPress has become a local name to many bloggers, website developers, and entrepreneurs. It changed how website development took place. The initiative of creating one’s own blog or website with few clicks away revolutionized businesses. Mathew created WordPress when has was 20 years old. Currently, WordPress is the leading content management company. From being a college dropout to being a successful entrepreneur whose idea of creating a space for bloggers, changed how the creation of content took place.

3. Varun Agarwal (Founder of Alma Mater, Reticular and Mento)

At the mere age of 20, Varun a drop out of engineering college, started his company Alma Mater, an online store merchandise selling school and college products. It is a customized online Do It Yourself T-shirt maker. In 2010. He started a social media marketing company Reticular, along with Last Minute Films a production house for online video content.

He also launched Mento an online e-learning platform for creative courses, the first very first Indian Ed-tech platform. He has inspired many through his writing ability in his first book- “How I braved Anu Aunty and started a million-dollar company” citing his journey as an entrepreneur. That’s not all, he is a motivational speaker empowering students, employees, and young adults.

4. Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of OYO)

From the young age of 13, Ritesh is a marketing genius, selling sim cards and making ends meet. He dropped out of college and was selected for Thiel Fellowship (Students aged below 23 offer 100,000 USD for 2 years for dropouts for creating startups, or social movement or scientific discovery). With this money, he started a budget accommodation portal for booking hotel rooms at a lesser cost. In 2013 OYO was launched. Ritesh became a millionaire when he was 23 years old. Within 5 years, the company raised 1 billion USD. Ritesh is the second youngest self-made Billionaire in the globe. His words of inspiration stating experience is not the key to being a successful entrepreneur, but learning from mistakes makes one truly a good entrepreneur.

5. Saketh Ramakrishna and Sujith Nadig (Founders of Optionables)

Optionables Fintech LLP, is a proprietary trading firm started in 2019. With a small sum and a lot of dedication, the company began its journey. The founders were mere 21-year-olds, handling capital worth a crore. They develop financial strategies, train students in practical trading, and spread awareness on finance-related content on their social media sites.