Market Overview For 26th September 2022

September 26, 2022 by Ayush Anjana · 2 min read


The Indian Broader Indices futures opened within the previous day’s range on friday and plunged lower correcting 1.77% for nifty and 2.59% for banknifty. 40400 was an important support level for banknifty  as soon as it was broken and sustained the banking index corrected closing around 39550.

Nifty Futures 

Daily Chart

  • Nifty Futures Gave a channel breakdown on a daily basis after forming lower low and lower high inside the channel range
  • Nifty looking weak as per the structure with a crucial support around 17250.
  • If nifty closes below 17250 then higher chances of it revisiting the 16700-16800 previous breakout levels

Nifty Futures 45 Minute Chart analysis

  • Nifty opened within the previous day’s range and as soon as 17500 is broken and sustained it corrected 
  • Key levels to watch are 17500 on the upside and 17250 on the downside

Nifty Futures 15 Minute chart

Banknifty Futures 

Daily Chart

  • Banknifty Futures gave a breakdown from the inside bar and closed around 39600 with good volumes
  • Highly likely that banknifty can test the 39300 the previous swing low 
  • Closing below 39300 will witness more weakness for the banking index

Banknifty Futures 45 Minute chart analysis

  • banknifty Futures had been respecting the 40400 support level or the week low and it closed below this falling more than 900 points
  • 40250-40400 now will act as a strong resistance 
  • Key levels to watch are 39300-40300 levels 

Banknifty Futures 15 Minutes Chart