The Tale of the company that made Digitalisation Possible

December 15, 2021 by Vandana S · 3 min read


Vakrangee Limited is a technology company situated in Mumbai. They provide software and required equipment for Aadhaar cards and Voter ID cards in India. It is firm which carters services in banking, insurance, e-commerce and handling logistics.


It was founded in the year 1990 by Dinesh Nandwana, a Chartered Accountant by profession under the name Vakrangee Investment and Consultancy. The company initially ventured into technology consultancy, but expanded its operations by handling Government of India projects. In the year 1995 the name Vakrangee investment was changed to Vakrangee Limited.

From 1993, they started making Voter ID cards and in 2010 the Aadhaar card deal was given to them.

Services Offered

Vakrangee Limited has 3 subsidies offering different services to the people. Vakrangee Finserv Limited, Vakrangee Logistics Private Limited and Vakrangee e-Solutions. They are credited to produce the software for bilingual communication in voters electoral roll. In the year 2003, they completed the task of launching a software that automatically counts the preferential voting system of the Bar Council. They have helped the government in digitisation of land records and property from Ghaziabad Development Authority.


During the year 2007, they invested in Vakrangee electronics private limited and received a contract for digitalization of Registrar of Company records. This initiative was under the e-Governance norm of Government of India.

Over the couple of years, Vakrangee bagged many projects from the government for digitization of documents and providing insurance cover smart card to below poverty line people of India. In 2014, Vakrangee announced the deal with RBI who had given an authorization of White Label ATM (WLA) licence. According to the deal Vakrangee Limited had to deliver 15,000 ATM’s across India within a span of 3 years.

Vakrangee Kendras

In 2015, they entered a strategic deal with Amazon India through Vakrangee Kendras- a one stop shop for all services, to provide marketing promotions and pick up services. Further in 2016, Vakrangee Limited announced a partnership with Indian Oil Cooperation Limited (IOC) to set up Vakrangee Kendras in its bunks.

In 2017, Vakrangee tied up with Aditya Birla Health insurance company for distribution of Health insurance and its related products. In the same year, they tied up with the government to extend its services for GST filing through the Vakrangee Kendras. Subsequently it tied up with IRCTC for booking of train tickets in Vankrangee Kendra centres. The Kendra centres became the hotspot for services easily accessible to common people as the kiosks were set up in multiple distracts, cities and states of India.


They further went to tie up with Netmeds to provide medicines in the Kendras. It also extended its services of over the counter delivery facility for Blue dart in locations that were not easily accessible to the company. This enabled transfer of products and services to the rural and unreachable parts of the country possible.

Its multiple tie ups had led to easy one stop all services for the citizens. Right from payment of mobile bills, availing loans, delivery services, pharmacy, online shopping, travel services, banking services, insurance services and ambulance service, the Kendra’s have made it easy. The Nextgen Kendras are a franchising model, where the services are expanded and owned by people of a particular area or locality. Thus, the spread of the Kendra’s has expanded and grown and has reached approximately 6150 plus zip codes.