Our Products

1. Courses on Financial Markets

Most people approach trading and investing the wrong way. They expect to double their money overnight. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

But don’t worry! We will guide you and teach you the right approach of trading and investing. Our method and strategies will help you minimize your loss and maximize your profit. What does our course cover?

There are different modules which cover the following topics:

  1. Basics of Investing
  2. Basics of Options
  3. Advanced Option Strategies, and much more…

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2. Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is a one-week training program. Here, you will be trading live with us! You will also:

  1. Use our strategies in live trade.
  2. Learn to adjust your trades.
  3. Manage risk (We will help you build a risk management system)
  4. Learn position sizing
  5. Learn portfolio hedging
  6. Learn some hacks and tricks in option trading

Prerequisites for joining our mentorship program:

  1. You should understand the basics of option trading or you should have completed our Option Trading Course.
  2. You need to have a minimum capital of Rs 15 lakh.
  3. You need to have an account with Firstock.

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3. Algo Trading

Algo based trading services in clients account.

We at Optionables want to expand our trading services, Join Optionables Algo Services, where we use sophisticated models to trade and also help the clients trade systematically.

Come join us in our journey of trading!!

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